Science Department

MRHS Science Department

Expectations for Student Learning

Students will develop and  improve the following science literacy skills, which are applicable to everyday life: 

  1. Use the methods of scientific inquiry to plan, conduct, draw conclusions, and evaluate scientific investigations.
  2. Build an understanding of fundamental concepts of science by making connections between the various science disciplines
  3. Conduct scientific investigations that lead to understandings of natural scientific processes
  4. Observe, conduct, organize and evaluate scientific data
  5. Improve scientific skills of observing, measuring, replicating experiments, manipulating equipment, and collecting and reporting data through engagement in laboratory activities and fieldwork
  6. Study and learn about important historical and contemporary investigations and solutions that have led to new knowledge about the world around them
  7. Convey scientific understandings to others in both a written and verbal form so as to effectively share scientific ideas relating to themselves and the world around them
  8. Learn the fundamental concepts required for competency in various science disciplines
At least three science courses are required of all students for graduation. 
Image used with permission from Pixabay