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THANK YOU TO THE 239 ORDERS ON THE STORE!  We raised almost $6,000 for the athletic department.  I can't wait to see everyone in the Chaug Strong Swag......

"Sportsmanship: The only way to win!"

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Minnechaug Regional High School Athletics

Athletic Department Mission:

The Mission of the Minnechaug Regional High School athletic department is to allow student athletes to develop within the principles of Growth Mindset and Grit.  Participants and coaches within our program will be part of an environment that will foster personal and team growth within these principles. Through the “We are Chaug” motto, sportsmanship, integrity and self-discipline will be the cornerstone values that will be associated with our student-athletes.  Participants in our program will maintain a standard of high academic performance while giving back to their community in varied community service projects.