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Medline PLus
Medline Plus is a medical library sponsored by the National Institute for Health that offers current information about diseases, conditions and wellness issues." Articles, videos, and images are produced in easy to understand language.  
Diabetes  Information 
  • American Diabetes Association - the premiere diabetes website, packed with information on what diabetes is and how to live your healthiest life when you have it. You can find the latest research on diabetes here.  They also have a 60 second Risk Test, that helps you understand your risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes, and how to improve your odds.
  • College Diabetes NetworkCDN was founded in 2009 by a college student at UMass Amherst with Type 1 Diabetes who felt isolated and struggled to manage her diabetes.  Now it is a peer-led national group that helps high school students prepare to successfully manage their diabetes in college.  They also have resources to help parents navigate these years.
Epilepsy Information 
  • Epilepsy Foundationthis is the website to consult if you are living with a seizure disorder.  It offers seizure information and first aid, electronic newsletters delivered weekly, the latest research, peer support and so much more.
Asthma Information
Concussion Information 
  • CDC's Heads Up Concussion Programit features concussion prevention/safety/recovery information, and training for students, athletes, parents, coaches, teachers, counselors, and health professionals.  This website is a gold mine of information and resources on concussions.
Healthy Living
Take Charge of Your Health Guide Sponsored by U.S Department of Health & Human Services
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